Camp Story

The Call of the Three Cauldrons

Guided by the Goddess Ceridwen, join us to seek the mythical cauldrons of this ancient land.

artwork by Frank Duffy, @gwrachycoed / @mxfrankduffy

At night the owls call and small creatures are abroad. You hear them amongst the leaves as you find your way lit only by the white moon. Somewhere a vixen howls and then there is a sudden silence. Pushing through the undergrowth, ahead of you lies a pool in the river, the moon reflected in its waters. You remember the wisdom of your allies that has led you so far.

What gifts do you bring to stir into the Cauldron of Ceridwen, the Cauldron of wisdom?

Once there were living cauldrons throughout the land: cauldrons of water, of earth, and of sky. Deep pools of smithing, circular caves of dreaming, fire pits for cleansing and prayer, mushroom rings, and stone circles in fields and on mountain tops for gathering together in ritual, dancing, singing, and creating music.

Over time, these cauldrons were recreated in both precious metals and words, and we carried their magic into the urban realms too, continuing their lineage, ever-evolving, ever present, ever transforming, ever the same, and ever new.

What might you seek in the waters of the Cauldron of Transformation?

Finally, after time, changes, and challenges, we come together once more. We honour the work of the old and the work of the new, our dreaming and our shifting lives. We gather our magic, our connections, and drink the potion of inspiration that arises. We honour our Reclaiming tradition, of what went before, and what is yet to be, bringing it into rebirth and renewal in the now.

What do you bring to the Cauldron of Community?

What might you hope to find?

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