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Camp Story 2017 – Cailleach

Camp bookings for this year’s camp, running Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th July 2017, are about to open and the story has been chosen!

A creation myth from the Northern lands of Britain, fair Scotland itself… We offer to you…

The Cailleach!

Cailleach, old woman, hag, witch. Fierce as the biting north wind and the tempest-stricken sea. Bent over, she who journeys across the land, across the soils, shaping and shifting, dropping rocks and leaving mountains along the way.

Exhausted and spent, the winter is long, the winter is not long enough (for some). And there is a whisper on the air, a song, a beckoning, a promise of green and renewal…

Join Cailleach, Beira, Queen of Winter on a journey of creation, of transformation, of cycles and the promise of spring. What stories have been told of your creation? What stories might you create?

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