Camp Story 2017 – Cailleach

Camp bookings for this year’s camp, running Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th July 2017, are about to open and the story has been chosen!

A creation myth from the Northern lands of Britain, fair Scotland itself… We offer to you…

The Cailleach!

Cailleach, old woman, hag, witch. Fierce as the biting north wind and the tempest-stricken sea. Bent over, she who journeys across the land, across the soils, shaping and shifting, dropping rocks and leaving mountains along the way.

Exhausted and spent, the winter is long, the winter is not long enough (for some). And there is a whisper on the air, a song, a beckoning, a promise of green and renewal…

Join Cailleach, Beira, Queen of Winter on a journey of creation, of transformation, of cycles and the promise of spring. What stories have been told of your creation? What stories might you create?

Paths 2017

The Rhythm of Creation: An all-ages path with Sue Blackfeather and Fortuna

Rhythm is the essence of all life.
Rhythm is primal, ecstatic, embodied, reflective, deep and intuitive.  It takes us to a place beyond the heaviness of own fatigue, distractions and worry. Our heartbeat is the rhythm that connects us  to the natural world.  From the moment we take our first breath to the moment of our last, our beating heart is the constant companion throughout our lives. It calls to us to remember that deep within there is rhythm, a rhythm that is uniquely ours.
And we call to you: Will you join us? Together we will delve into the depth of the bubbling spring where the profound rhythms lie – where the waters of renewal and the light of transformation, hope and healing burst through solid rock.
Join us as we explore the rhythms of life and creation through divination, song, dance, trance, play and magic –  where we invite you to ask yourself, “What does my rhythm sound like?”

Our Cycle of Creation: Walking with the Cailleach – with Elinor & Irisanya


We are creators. With each step, with each movement, we make the world around us. We drop rocks and boulders and shape the places where we are (and are going). And in this daily process, we can become tired and aching and old.

There are times when we rest, when we rest deeply, or maybe we need to rest deeply, but don’t…. In deep stillness we can collect ourselves, turn inward to find what seemed lost, and take up the promise of renewal.

Can we be quiet enough to hear the whisper on the wind?

Can we be brave enough to follow that voice that says ‘come here, come here’?

Can we come together to create a new story that leaves flowers in our wake?

In this path, we’ll discover and uncover the ways in which we are creative forces of nature. We’ll explore the cycle of creation from where we begin, through rest and reflection, into the place(s) of renewal and inspiration.

Through trance, writing, gentle movement, and listening to the wind and one another, we will walk with the Cailleach, creating as we go.

We are creators, like so many before us, and this is the story of our creation.

Teaching Team 2017!

Please welcome aboard our teaching team for Dragonrise Camp 2017!

A photo of Irisanya

Irisanya Moon

I am Witch, a priestess, a dreamer, an often-vegan, a shapeshifter, shadow stalker, moon lover, Reclaiming initiate, and a Sagittarius (with a Gemini moon and rising). I’ve been part of the Reclaiming tradition since 1999, and moved to California in 2005, where I found my beloved community.

The cross-country move to the West Coast led me to attend California Witchcamps, co-create rituals with North Bay Reclaiming, and teach classes around the Bay Area. I’ve also been fortunate to teach at California Witchcamp, Witchlets in the Woods, BC Witchcamp, Tejas Web Witchcamp, and EarthSong in Victoria, Australia.

I am committed to facilitating community growth and connection through ritual, storytelling, drumming, and conflict resolution, embracing beauty, compassion, and messiness while holding space for vulnerability and courage. I’m devoted to Aphrodite, as well as Hecate, Iris, and the Norns. You’ll often find me writing poetry, crafting songs, and trying to find a snack. (Or writing a blog/poem at

I am honored and excited to join the Dragonrise community this year. I’m excited for the magick we will create together!

Fortuna – Returning Teacher

Photo of Fortuna

Fortuna’s ‘magickal dna’ includes a stubborn streak of mysticism that the suburbs of Los Angeles, where she was born, just could not dilute. An ‘official’ witch since 2001, Fortuna now lives in the Netherlands. She has been part of T. Thorn Coyle’s Morningstar Mystery School (MStar) since 2005, she holds blue and white cords from MStar, has acted as a Mentor for the School, and is an initiate of the Anderson Feri tradition.
Since 2007, Fortuna has had the great good luck to teach and priestess Reclaiming-style witchcraft in Europe and the UK, to work one-on-one to help magickal people in their development, to continue to develop her own magick with various teachers from various streams, and to work as a divinatrix and Tarot counselor.
With a degree in Fine Arts, work as a communications professional and a deep and abiding desire for Magick and Mystery, Fortuna has learned that only through practice does integration and manifestation arise. Make stillness every day, even when you don’t feel like it: then you begin to hear the call of the sacred lust and beauty all around us, the Earth Spirits, your Gods and ancestors who urge us to our desire (even when we’re at what feels like a very mundane ‘job’).
Fortuna offers ritual creation, classes in witchcraft, intuition development, and Tarot counselling through her unbusinesslike business Soul Deep Magick. She lives in the very-urban port city of Rotterdam, she loves to travel, and is really looking forward to living on a piece of fertile and friendly, Fey-blessed land in a beautiful, hilly and green place.


Photo of Sue Blackfeather
Sue Blackfeather

Sue Blackfeather
In rhythm I find my heart-earth connection. I weave its thread into magic as I journey through story and myth to unlock the mysteries of my life. This journey has had many twists and turns but always leads me home. The seasons call to me, the earth calls to me.

In my garden I find the sacred ritual of tangible connection. Here I am a witness to the cycle of life, death and rebirth and it is here that I learn to love and to let go. I celebrate that we, and all around us, are an embodiment of all the Elements.

In breath I find my voice and the key that unlocks the mystery of instinct and emotion. It is here I find freedom of expression to create the chants and songs that accompany me on this journey of discovery.

I am an Astrologer, a drummer, a story teller, a gardener, grower of herbs, a seeker and an energy shaper.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband (where we run a business together) and the Lord of our household, my cat Apollo. My 2 adult children currently live in the same city as us, which makes me smile as we are an Australian/Canadian family with a strong love and connection to each place.

I am an Earthsong organiser and an Earthsong WCC representative.

It is with great excitement that I travel to the UK to be a part of the magic of Dragonrise.

Elinor Predota

EllieHi, I’m Elinor, and I enjoy living life in the slow lane. I’m a storyteller, singer, Priestess, Interfaith Minister, thinker, and artist. I’m also a spoonie, a Marxist and intersectional feminist, a mystic, a Witch, a geek, and an out and proud queer, bisexual, and dyke.
I’ve been part of Reclaiming Tradition in Britain since 2000, and part of Dragonrise since its beginning, spiralling into and out of and into community, always moving deeper into magic and Mystery. I am also an initiate of Anderson Faery/Feri tradition. I am constantly fascinated by uncovering what is, and discovering and creating what could be. All of what I do is rooted in a practice of deep presence and listening, creating a welcoming space in which all feelings, all perspectives, all identities, all responses and reactions — whether expected or unexpected, pleasant or challenging — may find a home, and where experiences and lives may be transformed.
I live in the hills of southern Scotland with my partner, Claire, and our big, fluffy dog, Mischa. Much of the time, I can be found knitting or crocheting, watching Star Trek or My Little Pony, baking gluten free goodies, singing to the land and its spirits, and cuddling with my pack. If you want to know more about my work in the world, visit
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