Reclaiming Tradition

Reclaiming is a magical tradition of witchcraft. It grew out of a desire to bring magic and spirituality together with everyday life and political activism, creating change in all the worlds, spiritual and mundane.

Its feminist history has lead to Reclaiming being open to people of all genders and sexualities, with a focus on love and acceptence. Anarchistic roots give a strong emphasis to non-hierarchical structures and methods of development and decision making; all Reclaiming events are run by consensus – a process where decisions are made by agreement between all members, not through majority or external authority.

Reclaiming tradition is made up of people with very diverse beliefs and approaches; the basis of our common identity as Reclaiming Witches is the statement of our Principles of Unity.

Dragon Rise Witchcamp is a member of Reclaiming tradition WitchCamp Council.

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