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So… what’s a Reclaiming Witchcamp like then?

July 11, 2017

Written by Sylvia


So, what’s a Reclaiming Witchcamp like, then?

Well, you don’t need to be a witch to come, though you may be by the time you leave. And it’s not all camping, there are dorm and other indoor spaces too if you’d prefer. But what it really isn’t, (if that’s what you’re imagining), is hanging out in a field doing not much.

Witchcamps in the Reclaiming tradition are fabulous, intensive, focussed experiences, planned and guided by an experienced teaching team. After breakfast, the day starts with a choice of two paths, each a three hour mixture of ritual, trance, exercises, creativity, time in nature, sharing, having fun, and whatever else your teachers will have dreamed up for you. One path is designed to work for both children and adults, and for both less and more experienced participants. The other tends to require a reasonable familiarity with circle-casting and other such ritual practice, to save time having to be spent covering this ground, and therefore tends to suit those with more established spiritual practice who are ready to go deeper into magical and inner work.

Afternoons are less structured, but include one hour a day of affinity groups, where you meet in the same small group every day, to process what’s been going on for you, support each other and share ideas.  Otherwise the afternoons are free, but get quickly filled up with optional offerings from other participants (previous topics have included tarot, yoga, astrology, the history of Reclaiming, Buffy, Elvis is God and other such delights). Then, time to explore the beautiful surroundings, a silent hour for personal practice and maybe homework from the morning’s path, preparations for the evening ritual, and just hanging out over cups of tea.

Dinner is early, to leave time for a very full on ritual each evening. Witchcampers are encouraged to participate in the creating of sacred space, casting and invoking, either by themselves or in affinity groups. Each camp’s rituals follows its own story arc, taking a tale from myth or legend and using ritual drama, perhaps some aspecting, trance, drumming and chanting to incorporate the lessons of myth and magic into our own lives. Again, the rituals are created so that children as well as adults can engage at whatever level works for them.  And after ritual: pudding.  A necessary grounding and replenishment after the evening’s work.

And more? A raffle and auction of wonderful witchy things. Maybe a Bardic circle/talent night. Great food, most special diets catered for. Endless tea and coffee. A small amount of chores like washing up, allocated via affinity groups (also grounding). Nice spaces to hang out, chat, network, catch up with old friends and make new ones. Lovely helpful teachers so you can ask all those questions that you’ve always wondered about but never found the right person to ask. Experienced organisers to keep an eye on everything, and deal with any problems (well, as best as we can).

Sounds good to you? Come and join us.


Have you been to camp? Would you like to share your experience? Comment below to share so the new campers understand why we’re all so in love with Witchcamps, and why we say “Witchcamp will change your life!”



March 30, 2017

We are ecstatic to announce that bookings are now OPEN!!!


You can either follow this link and download a copy of the booking form and all the details here: download it via Google docs here  (Open it, Click “File” – Top Left – and choose “Download As” to get it on your computer!)

Or you can either email us directly to request a booking form, here:


If you are on our email list you should have received a copy of the booking form, if you haven’t and you expected to, do let us know! (And we can make sure you’re on the list 🙂 )

Some Key Information:

Camp will start on the afternoon of Wednesday 26th July with a shared lunch, and campers are encouraged to arrive by midday.

The camp closes on Sunday afternoon after a closing ritual at 12-30 with lunch at 1pm – 2pm. Depart early in afternoon, though campers are asked to consider if they are able to stay a little later to help tidy up 🙂



Early Bird (before 25th April 2017): £300 to £400

Children under 3: free if using a travel cot

After April 25th: £320 to £420

A non-refundable deposit of £50 per person (or £100 for a family of three or more) must accompany this form in order to secure your booking.

Final payment to be made by 25th May 2017. Any bookings after this date must be paid in full at the time of booking.


We have tried to make this camp as affordable as possible, and the bulk of our costs relate to accommodation and food.

We recognise that some people (especially a large family who all want to attend, but also some individuals) may face difficulty in affording the cost. Similarly we will help as best we can if someone needs to bring a non-participant such as a carer or signing translator. Financial assistance might be in the form of a reduced cost place or the opportunity to earn a reduction by helping with the day to day running of the camp. Please contact us if you wish to apply for reduced rates.


Announcing Paths for 2017!

March 19, 2017

During camp campers choose one “path” to follow, a course of classes that build on from one another each day, giving the opportunity to deepen your skills and really get stuck into the magical work of Camp. This summer we have two fantastic paths to choose from!

(One path – The Rhythm of Creation – is suitable for families/accompanied children. If you are a parent/guardian bringing a child, please bear in mind that we do not have facilities for children to attend path on their own or to be left unattended.)

The Rhythm of Creation: An all-ages path with Sue Blackfeather and Fortuna

Rhythm is the essence of all life.
Rhythm is primal, ecstatic, embodied, reflective, deep and intuitive.  It takes us to a place beyond the heaviness of own fatigue, distractions and worry. Our heartbeat is the rhythm that connects us  to the natural world.  From the moment we take our first breath to the moment of our last, our beating heart is the constant companion throughout our lives. It calls to us to remember that deep within there is rhythm, a rhythm that is uniquely ours.
And we call to you: Will you join us? Together we will delve into the depth of the bubbling spring where the profound rhythms lie – where the waters of renewal and the light of transformation, hope and healing burst through solid rock.
Join us as we explore the rhythms of life and creation through divination, song, dance, trance, play and magic –  where we invite you to ask yourself, “What does my rhythm sound like?”

Our Cycle of Creation: Walking with the Cailleach – with Elinor & Irisanya


We are creators. With each step, with each movement, we make the world around us. We drop rocks and boulders and shape the places where we are (and are going). And in this daily process, we can become tired and aching and old.


There are times when we rest, when we rest deeply, or maybe we need to rest deeply, but don’t…. In deep stillness we can collect ourselves, turn inward to find what seemed lost, and take up the promise of renewal.


Can we be quiet enough to hear the whisper on the wind?

Can we be brave enough to follow that voice that says ‘come here, come here’?

Can we come together to create a new story that leaves flowers in our wake?


In this path, we’ll discover and uncover the ways in which we are creative forces of nature. We’ll explore the cycle of creation from where we begin, through rest and reflection, into the place(s) of renewal and inspiration.


Through trance, writing, gentle movement, and listening to the wind and one another, we will walk with the Cailleach, creating as we go.

We are creators, like so many before us, and this is the story of our creation.

Announcement: Teaching Team 2017!

February 23, 2017

Please welcome aboard our teaching team for Dragonrise Camp 2017!

A photo of Irisanya


Irisanya Moon

I am Witch, a priestess, a dreamer, an often-vegan, a shapeshifter, shadow stalker, moon lover, Reclaiming initiate, and a Sagittarius (with a Gemini moon and rising). I’ve been part of the Reclaiming tradition since 1999, and moved to California in 2005, where I found my beloved community.

The cross-country move to the West Coast led me to attend California Witchcamps, co-create rituals with North Bay Reclaiming, and teach classes around the Bay Area. I’ve also been fortunate to teach at California Witchcamp, Witchlets in the Woods, BC Witchcamp, Tejas Web Witchcamp, and EarthSong in Victoria, Australia.

I am committed to facilitating community growth and connection through ritual, storytelling, drumming, and conflict resolution, embracing beauty, compassion, and messiness while holding space for vulnerability and courage. I’m devoted to Aphrodite, as well as Hecate, Iris, and the Norns. You’ll often find me writing poetry, crafting songs, and trying to find a snack. (Or writing a blog/poem at

I am honored and excited to join the Dragonrise community this year. I’m excited for the magick we will create together!


Fortuna – Returning Teacher

Photo of Fortuna


Fortuna’s ‘magickal dna’ includes a stubborn streak of mysticism that the suburbs of Los Angeles, where she was born, just could not dilute. An ‘official’ witch since 2001, Fortuna now lives in the Netherlands. She has been part of T. Thorn Coyle’s Morningstar Mystery School (MStar) since 2005, she holds blue and white cords from MStar, has acted as a Mentor for the School, and is an initiate of the Anderson Feri tradition.
Since 2007, Fortuna has had the great good luck to teach and priestess Reclaiming-style witchcraft in Europe and the UK, to work one-on-one to help magickal people in their development, to continue to develop her own magick with various teachers from various streams, and to work as a divinatrix and Tarot counselor.
With a degree in Fine Arts, work as a communications professional and a deep and abiding desire for Magick and Mystery, Fortuna has learned that only through practice does integration and manifestation arise. Make stillness every day, even when you don’t feel like it: then you begin to hear the call of the sacred lust and beauty all around us, the Earth Spirits, your Gods and ancestors who urge us to our desire (even when we’re at what feels like a very mundane ‘job’).
Fortuna offers ritual creation, classes in witchcraft, intuition development, and Tarot counselling through her unbusinesslike business Soul Deep Magick. She lives in the very-urban port city of Rotterdam, she loves to travel, and is really looking forward to living on a piece of fertile and friendly, Fey-blessed land in a beautiful, hilly and green place.


Photo of Sue Blackfeather

Sue Blackfeather

Sue Blackfeather
In rhythm I find my heart-earth connection. I weave its thread into magic as I journey through story and myth to unlock the mysteries of my life. This journey has had many twists and turns but always leads me home. The seasons call to me, the earth calls to me.

In my garden I find the sacred ritual of tangible connection. Here I am a witness to the cycle of life, death and rebirth and it is here that I learn to love and to let go. I celebrate that we, and all around us, are an embodiment of all the Elements.

In breath I find my voice and the key that unlocks the mystery of instinct and emotion. It is here I find freedom of expression to create the chants and songs that accompany me on this journey of discovery.

I am an Astrologer, a drummer, a story teller, a gardener, grower of herbs, a seeker and an energy shaper.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband (where we run a business together) and the Lord of our household, my cat Apollo. My 2 adult children currently live in the same city as us, which makes me smile as we are an Australian/Canadian family with a strong love and connection to each place.

I am an Earthsong organiser and an Earthsong WCC representative.

It is with great excitement that I travel to the UK to be a part of the magic of Dragonrise.


Elinor Predota

Bio and picture coming soon!

Keep an eye on our Teaching Team page for updates!


Camp Story 2017

February 22, 2017

Camp bookings for this year’s camp, running Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th July 2017, are about to open and the story has been chosen!

A creation myth from the Northern lands of Britain, fair Scotland itself… We offer to you…

The Cailleach!

Cailleach, old woman, hag, witch. Fierce as the biting north wind and the tempest-stricken sea. Bent over, she who journeys across the land, across the soils, shaping and shifting, dropping rocks and leaving mountains along the way.

Exhausted and spent, the winter is long, the winter is not long enough (for some). And there is a whisper on the air, a song, a beckoning, a promise of green and renewal…

Join Cailleach, Beira, Queen of Winter on a journey of creation, of transformation, of cycles and the promise of spring. What stories have been told of your creation? What stories might you create?


Dates for next camp!!!

December 16, 2016

Just a quick note to say…

We are delighted to announce that the fifth Dragonrise camp will take place from 25th July to 30th July 2017 to be held at the glorious Druid-owned Wildways on the Borle – the site of our fourth camp, and where we hope to have found a permanent home.

Watch this space or follow us on Facebook as the teaching team will be announced very soon…


Camp Story Announced!

April 2, 2013
Come awaken to the living stories that are within and all around us, just waiting to be heard!
In the company of Brigid and Lugh, come catch and share the stories that ignite the sacred spark of inspiration and self-knowledge.
Once upon a time, there is, was and shall be a place of magic, of beauty, of song and story and learning and laughter…Can you see it, in your mind’s eye? Will you come and make it real?
Two dragons guard the gates; an open fire crackling in the hearth; the dark evening enfolding the gathering in its arms; the candlelight flickering on the walls. A hush falls as all eyes turn to Lugh and Brigid, who sit quietly, waiting…What Tales will they tell? And what stories do you hold, can you hear, deep inside? Each and everyone of us carry stories within us, whether or not we are aware of them yet. For of us some they are buried deep in the silence within us and have not yet been given voice, for others they are bubbling, rising to the surface clamouring to be heard. For each of us they are true, and beautiful and amazing.
Once upon a time…are there any words more magical? Children know the magic of stories, it’s in their blood. Each of us, young or old, has heard countless stories. We soak them in, whether we know it or not — gifts from our ancestors.  These stories live in our bones, they make us strong. Each of us is a living history. Each of us holds pieces of the great Tale that weaves the Multiverse together. It is so very important that we listen, hear, and speak our truths.
Stories of blood and bone, stories of heart and hearth and home…We are the story catchers, we are the world-weavers, each and every one of us. The stories we tell, as well as the stories that are left untold, make the world what it is. When we catch a story, when we listen, when we share, we know the spark of divine inspiration: we can touch and feel the world of endless possibility around us.
When we change the stories, we change the world. When we change our own stories, we transform ourselves – and for that we need the inspiration and strength of the Divine.
Will you join us in creating the third Dragonrise camp,  and create the stories that our descendants will tell, that will ripple onwards and outwards into what is yet to come? We invite you to journey with us to the magical realm of “once upon a time,” the realm where anything is possible.
We will never, never lose our way to the Well of Her memory…We will walk with and be guided by the ancient and deeply beloved goddess Brigid, the great Poetess, She of Hearth and Forge and Sacred Well, goddess of inspiration and craft and healing. We will walk with the great god of many skills, Lugh, called Samildánach, “master of all arts,” who will help us learn the courage to craft our own arts, to know and share our many shining gifts. We will remember the magic of stories, a magic we all know as children, and which our children have not forgotten.

Every word is magic, each story holds truth. We will awaken as beings of living stories, as storytellers who weave our world with each word, and as listeners who take the time to hear the wonderful richness, wild power and fierce beauty of all of the many tales that surround us — spoken by every person, sung by every bird, whispered through every tree, every stone and cloud and stream and moment of moonlight.  Listen…you can hear them, if you try. You are one of the people of the ancient tales, of legend and fairytale and song. Come together, and remember.

Make magic of the Tale! Enchant and heal the worlds!
Two magical paths: One for Adults, one for All Ages! Details coming soon…