Although we are not a registered charity, Dragon Rise is set up for charitable purposes (religious and spiritual education) and the organisers, and often also the teachers, work on a voluntary basis. Surplus funds are prioritised as start-up funding for the next camp.

We are committed, in accordance with the Reclaiming Principles of Unity, to making our work available to all, regardless of income. In order to do this, and also to cover all of our financial commitments (including venue, accommodation, food, materials, reimbursement of travel costs for teachers and organisers), we need to raise funds.

During camp itself we hold a raffle and an auction to raise funds specifically for poor witches and families who need financial assistance in order to join us. These funds are always kept only for that purpose. Other fundraising, unless we state otherwise, is for covering costs more generally.

If you would like to offer help with fundraising for camp we would be very grateful! In the past we’ve had workshops gifting a percentage of their profits, a calendar and a pre-camp art-bracelet raffle. Email us if you have any efforts you would like to share or if you’d like to make a donation at

Thank you!!!

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