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Camp Information

Wednesday, 16th of August 2023 to Sunday, 20th of August 2023

Wildways, Shropshire, England


Fees are on a self-declared system and cover all meals, camp activities, and accommodation. 

We offer three different price options to support our community, to support the sustainability of camp, as well as those that put the effort into organising and teaching, and different financial levels/needs.

underemployed/bohemian/artist/student/pensioner: £200

fully-employed: £350

fully-employed/well-earning: £500

Bursaries are available for individuals and families. Please inquire by email.


A non-refundable deposit of £75 per person must accompany this form in order to secure your booking.

Final payment to be made by 16 June 2023.

Important dates

16 June: Balance due – balance for all bookings booked before this date, all bookings from 1st July onward must be paid in full at time of booking.

16 June: cancellation deadline – no refunds for cancellations can be made after this date (4 weeks before camp);  at this point we will need to make final payments for catering and the venue.

17 July: final booking deadline – no bookings can be taken after this date

16 August (Wednesday): arrive at camp. Please arrive by 12:00 pm. Camp begins after lunch with our opening ritual.

20 August (Sunday) : Camp ends after lunch with a closing ritual.

Wildways on the Borle

Accommodation at Wildways represents a number of possibilities –  and you will most likely be sharing communal sleeping areas with others. Don’t forget your earplugs!  We will, however, seek to accommodate any special sleeping requirements when possible, including a limited number of tents and campervans that can be accommodated onsite. Please record your accommodation preferences on the booking form. We may not be able to confirm the availability of pitches for tents and campervans until the deadline for booking has passed.


There are a limited number of mattresses (and bedding) available,  and priority will be given to those unable to easily bring their own bedding due to long-distance travel, for example.  You should be prepared to bring your own towels and bedding.


The campsite involves some rough terrain and other features which may make it difficult for people to access. If you have a disability and might be affected by this we will make all possible adjustments to meet your specific needs which you are invited to provide further information regarding in Part B of the registration form. However, if in doubt you are welcome to contact us in advance to discuss before making your booking.


Please do not contact Wildways directly.

Medical Conditions and Other Specific Needs

Please let us know if you have any specific needs or medical conditions that we need to be aware of – this information will be confidential to the organising team only and where appropriate will be shared with confidentially with the teaching team. Please let us know before booking if this is likely to impact on your ability to participate in the camp.


Three meals a day are provided during camp from lunch on Wednesday to lunch on Sunday and are included in the camp price. The meals will be vegetarian, this is the standard option, however we will work to accommodate for any food allergies or dietary requirements you list on the booking form. If you need particular foods, you need to eat more frequently than three times a day, or will be bringing children who are still weaning or who are particular eaters, we recommend that you bring your own supplies as required. If you are in any doubt, please get in touch and we will discuss your food needs with our cooks.


Car parking is limited at Wildways so as to coordinate transport, e.g. car sharing, train/coach meetups, please indicate your interest on your booking form. Details will be sent at a later date.


Dragonrise is intended to be accessible to children and there will a path suitable for our younger members.

All campers bringing children are completely responsible for their children’s safety and conduct at all times. While there will be a path suitable for our younger members, there are no crèche or baby-sitting facilities provided by DragonRise. DragonRise teachers and organisers are not responsible for any children during camp.

Conduct during camp

This camp is planned as a journey to be enjoyed from start to finish with campers staying on site.

The camp is an illegal drug and alcohol-free zone, for three reasons: so that our energy remains clear; to support people recovering from addictions; and in recognition of the fact that children of all ages will be present throughout the camp. There will be a designated outdoor area for the smoking of tobacco, and plenty of tea and coffee available.

Dragonrise Witchcamp is a teaching camp in the Reclaiming tradition of neo-Pagan Witchcraft. All organisers and teachers do our best to abide by the Reclaiming Principles of Unity, and we invite DragonRise campers to do the same.

The Reclaiming Principles of Unity can be found on our website. It offers a broad and inclusive ethos for campers to work together, and above all calls for mutual respect as we do our work at this camp.


Auction & Raffle

During camp there will be an auction to raise money for the Dragonrise “Send a Witch to Camp” programme, to help subsidise the next camp, and to support those that both organise/teacher to make camp happen. You are invited donate items for the auction and raffle, You are, of course, encouraged to bring funds to participate.

Thank you for your support!

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