Past Camp – Catching the Tale in 2013

Come awaken to the living stories that are within and all around us, just waiting to be heard!
In the company of Brigid and Lugh, come catch and share the stories that ignite the sacred spark of inspiration and self-knowledge.
Once upon a time, there is, was and shall be a place of magic, of beauty, of song and story and learning and laughter…Can you see it, in your mind’s eye? Will you come and make it real?
Two dragons guard the gates; an open fire crackling in the hearth; the dark evening enfolding the gathering in its arms; the candlelight flickering on the walls. A hush falls as all eyes turn to Lugh and Brigid, who sit quietly, waiting…What Tales will they tell? And what stories do you hold, can you hear, deep inside? Each and every one of us carry stories within us, whether or not we are aware of them yet. For some of us they are buried deep in the silence within us and have not yet been given voice, for others they are bubbling, rising to the surface clamouring to be heard. For each of us hold stories that are true, and beautiful and amazing. And stories that are painful but need to be told so we can heal.
Once upon a time…are there any words more magical? Children know the magic of stories, it’s in their blood. Each of us, young or old, has heard countless stories. We soak them in, whether we know it or not — gifts from our ancestors.  These stories live in our bones, they make us strong. Each of us is a living history. Each of us holds pieces of the great Tale that weaves the Multiverse together. It is so very important that we listen, hear, and speak our truths.
Stories of blood and bone, stories of heart and hearth and home…We are the story catchers, we are the world-weavers, each and every one of us. The stories we tell, as well as the stories that are left untold, make the world what it is. When we catch a story, when we listen, when we share, we know the spark of divine inspiration: we can touch and feel the world of endless possibility around us.
When we change the stories, we change the world. When we change our own stories, we transform ourselves – and for that we need the inspiration and strength of the Divine.
Will you join us in creating the third Dragonrise camp,  and create the stories that our descendants will tell, that will ripple onwards and outwards into what is yet to come? We invite you to journey with us to the magical realm of “once upon a time,” the realm where anything is possible.
We will never, never lose our way to the Well of Her memory…We will walk with and be guided by the ancient and deeply beloved goddess Brigid, the great Poetess, She of Hearth and Forge and Sacred Well, goddess of inspiration and craft and healing. We will walk with the great god of many skills, Lugh, called Samildánach, “master of all arts,” who will help us learn the courage to craft our own arts, to know and share our many shining gifts. We will remember the magic of stories, a magic we all know as children, and which our children have not forgotten.Every word is magic, each story holds truth. We will awaken as beings of living stories, as storytellers who weave our world with each word, and as listeners who take the time to hear the wonderful richness, wild power and fierce beauty of all of the many tales that surround us — spoken by every person, sung by every bird, whispered through every tree, every stone and cloud and stream and moment of moonlight.  Listen…you can hear them, if you try. You are one of the people of the ancient tales, of legend and fairytale and song. Come together, and remember.
Make magic of the Tale! Enchant and heal the worlds!

Camp Paths 2013

The Art of Ritual 
– All ages –
Come make magic as we dance, sing, tell stories, and play.
Rituals have long been an important part of witches’ magic, they are part of our history. We can create rituals for many reasons: to celebrate, to remember, for closure, to empower, to mark an important point in our lives, the possibilities are endless. Rituals are not just a way of celebrating, they are an important magical tool! Rituals can help us to deepen our relationship with the Gods, the Earth and ourselves.
Creating ecstatic ritual is a craft, and like every craft this is something you study, practice and do over and over again. In this path we will explore ritual in all it’s parts, we will learn how to create meaningful ritual either for ourselves or a group. We will deepen our knowledge of this magical tool and practice various forms and roles. We will cast, sing, dance, tell stories, trance and create. This path is for all ages and highly co-creative.
Come, dive with us into the magic that ritual is!

The Triad of Manifestation:

Using the power of Will, Intent and Desire to Transform our Tales and our Lives!

– Adults only –


The magic of threes, of triads, of threes within threes and triads of triads: these have ever been the tools of the Witch and Magician, the Shaman and Priest/ess. It is no wonder that so many Dieties, including our beloved Brighid, are shown with three faces or three aspects. To unlock this mystery – and learn its practical application in every phase of your own life – come join us in this magical path of transformation and manifestation!

Through learning, dreaming and doing, trance, song and movement, divination, storytelling and deep listening, we will examine our relationship to the three great Powers that help us discover, uncover and manifest our true work and path: Will, Intent, and Desire.

When in balance, this mighty triad forges a flow and momentum that carries us firmly to our True Work in the world. If our manifest lives – our loves and work, our bodies and homes, our creativity and relationship to Nature – are not what we think they should be, it may be because one or more of these three ‘legs’ is out of balance.

We will use another, familiar Triad – Past, Present and Future – to examine our personal  ‘lore’, the stories of our lives. Viewed through this lens, we will clarify our heart’s Desire, focus our Intent, and engage our powerful Will to manifest a life that is truly our own.

Our goal is to help grow the tools, abilities and courage to create those deeply magical moments when we are doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons and with the right results, truly balancing our needs and lives with those around us. It’s a life’s work, to be sure, but we’ll take some steps down that path!

We’ll also have fun! Humour and joy are an essential part of transforming our tales in this Path, which is suitable for magical workers aged 16-plus.

Come, transform your past, present and future to step joyfully into manifesting the life you know you are meant to live!

 Camp Teachers 2013

SuusSuus  is a Dutch witch who has been fascinated with magic her entire life. As a child she thought life was filled with mysteries, and guess what, it is!

Suus was lucky to grow up in an environment where there was room to explore these mysteries. After exploring the rational side of life thoroughly for a while she returned to her first love: magic and started to seriously look for a teacher. She has studied magic for over a decade now, has trained with people in various traditions, varying from Gardnerian to Reclaiming. Suus is an initiate of the Anderson Feri tradition. She also has been part of T. Thorn Coyle’s Morningstar Mystery School for over 7 years and currently holds the White and the Blue Cord of that tradition and acts as a mentor for the school. Besides that Suus has studied psychology and is a Reiki master. She loves working with the energies that are all around and in us and loves to sing!

To her leading a magical life means that every thing we do carries magic in it and she tries to be as aware of that as she can. Suus finds life in all its wonderful shapes and forms is sacred.

Suus lives in a suburb in the east of The Netherlands with her husband, daughter, dog and cats and has made it a goal in life to incorporate magic in everything she does.



’s an American witch who has been living in the Netherlands since 2003. She has been a student of T. Thorn Coyle since 2005, and is now a Mentor in Thorn’s Morningstar Mystery School (MStar) and a holder of white and blue cords in the MStar tradition. She has been teaching and priestessing in the Reclaiming tradition since 2007. A member of the teaching team at the very first Dragonrise in 2009, she is particularly pleased and honoured to be returning for 2013! She does odd jobs for the Gods, including writing and drawing, divination and Tarot counseling, coaching, punning, and loving.

Chelidon says:

“Chelidon is a devotee of the bardic arts, including the skills of word, rhythm, story and song, and holds deeply sacred the creation of time and space for the infinite diversity of truths to be shared.

He believes that we each live and carry unique tales — and that in sharing our stories through drum, voice, ritual, poetry, music, or other Art, we connect with our timeless human birthright and inheritance, and add our irreplaceable, delicious flavors to the Great Tale we all share. His other loves include history and mythology, herbalism, brewing and alchemy, and art crafted with wood, metal, stone, chocolate, pixels or love.

Most of his inspiration comes from the ferociously lascivious beauty of nature, especially the wild woods of New Hampshire, USA, where he lives in intentional community with much-beloved family, children and friends, on deeply magical land they delight in sharing with others for workshops, classes and camps.
Chelidon has been teaching magic in the Reclaiming tradition at Witchcamps and many other events for more than fifteen years, and pulls his own spiritual and magical craft from a long diverse chain of heritage, study and practice. He believes, more than anything else, that the universe is quite literally made of love.”

And our late addition: Susan Moonroot, a long standing member of British Reclaiming!

Prices and Important Dates for 2013

We have tried to make this camp as affordable as possible, and the bulk of our costs relate to accommodation and food. We are grateful to our teachers who are not expecting any payment over and above their travel costs. We will offer free places to children under 3 sleeping in a travel cot — although please be aware that the majority of sleeping areas are communal and both adults and children will need to be able to respect other attendants need for quiet.

We recognise that some people (especially a large family who all want to attend, but also some individuals) may face difficulty in affording the cost. Similary we will help as best we can if someone needs to bring a non-participant such as a carer or signing translator. If this is your situation, please get in touch with us by April 1st; if we get enough bookings, or sufficient campers are generous enough to make additional donations on top of their bookings, we may be able to negotiate something workable closer to the date of camp.


Early Bird (before 30th April 2013): £200 to £280
Children under 3: free if using a travel cot

After April 30th: £225 to £300

A £50 deposit per person will be required on registration to secure your place, last year we were fully booked long before the early bird deadline so early booking is recommended!

Concessions: Contact us with your situation by April 1st and your request for a concession and we will collect all the requests together and confirm what concessions we are able to offer you by May 1st!

Important dates

1st April: Deadline for Concession requests – email us by this date with your situation so we can offer concessions appropriately in relation to the requests we get (we’ll confirm the amount by May 1st)

30th April: Early Bird booking deadline – after this date the price scale rises by £25

1st July: cancellation deadline – no refunds for cancellations can be made after this date (ie 4 weeks before camp)

25th July: final booking deadline – no bookings can be taken after this date, although we expect to be fully booked long before this!

8th August (Thursday): Camp begins! Please arrive by midday as camp will begin after lunch.

11th August (Sunday) : Camp ends after lunch – we will all be pitching in to clean up after lunch so that everyone can leave at a reasonable time so please bear that in mind when planning your return trip.

Email us at for a registration form now!

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