Camp Paths 2023

Join us at Wildways on the Borle in Shropshire, UK, 16th – 20th August 2023 for a magical journey into the Cauldrons that call to you.

Read on for the paths on offer this year…

The Cauldron of Spirit

with Raven Edgewalker and Rowan Herne

(Adult only path)

Some say that the cauldron is the place where all the elements come together to create the mystery that is Spirit. A place of all times and no times, all things and no things, a place of liminality, a place of alchemy and transformation, magic and potential.

Can you imagine such a cauldron filled with swirling threads of magic, the colours of all the elements? Perhaps you can conjure for yourself an idea, a shape, an image, a wondering of what such a cauldron might be like for you.

Some say that our Reclaiming Tradition is a cauldron with three legs: one leg of magic, one of healing and one of activism. All three legs supporting the cauldron into which these magics flow and weave together into a Tradition that is unique, potent and powerful.

What might you bring with you bring to add to this cauldron? How does the voice of this cauldron call to you?

Together we will explore some of the ecstatic, experiential, inclusive magic that is Reclaiming. We will work with the elements of the land, the voices of the wild, and the gifts that we each bring with us. We will work with trance, song, art, deep listening and more! We will explore the myriad ways we can take our work out into the world as human beings, activists and witches, and hope to support each other in learning what it is that we need to heal in ourselves, our lives, and the world around us.

We are delighted, excited and impatient to invite you to dive with us into the bubbling depths of this incredible Cauldron! Come
and join us!

This path is open to all, it has no prerequisites. We are committed to making this work accessible to all who wish to attend.

If you have questions around accessibility (or anything else, please contact us to chat:

You will likely wish to bring a journal, writing or maybe art materials (we will have some to share), and we will update you closer to camp with any other path supplies we might use as we take the plunge into this Cauldron!

Shapeshifting Ourselves through Land, Sea, and Sky

With Halo Quin and JD Kelley

(All ages path.)

They say we become many people through our lives, many versions of ourselves. We shift our shapes, and we step through gateways, through rites of passage that mark our changing from one stage of life to the next. Sometimes these are predictable. Other times they come unexpectedly. And, at times, with cunning we choose to craft them through rituals of honouring, of releasing, and of becoming.

Who are you now?

Just as Taliesin took on many forms to become the Great Bard of Wales, so too can we drink from the cauldrons and explore many shapes to discover the truths of who we are and what we can become.

Who have you been?

Following in the footsteps of The Bard and guided by the Goddess of Inspiration, join us in this journey, as hare and hound, salmon and otter, wren and hawk, through the realms of land, sea, and sky, to learn how to see through different eyes, feel with different skin, and gain knowledge through our many selves.

Who can you be?

Through music, gentle movement, story, dreamwork, divination, and trance, you will gather your deep wisdom, co-create a ritual container to become who you choose to be, and uncover your inner inspiration, deepening your magical connection to the world in community.

On this Path, you will connect with your divine animal selves, build supportive relationships with deity, learn how to shapeshift, listen to the wisdom of the realms, and feed the cauldrons of your soul, emerging nourished and strengthened for what comes next.

Who do you choose to become?

Come. Choose. And, honour all that you are!

This is an intermediate level class, so we recommend that participants have experience within Reclaiming – having taken a core class or attended a camp before. Please do get in touch if you have any questions around your background experience or the accessibility of this path.

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