Three Rivers 2015

Stone Circle 2015
Stone Circle 2015

Thursday 30th July 2015 – Sunday 2nd August, 2015
Wildways, Shropshire, England

The fourth Dragonrise camp took place from 30th July to 2nd August 2015 at the glorious Druid-owned Wildways on the Borle in Shropshire.


Together we journeyed with the sister-rivers, Severn, Wye and Rheidol, and their father, the mountain Plynlimon. We worked and played with the story of how the rivers came to leave their father, each following her very own, unique path from mountain to sea, to step into her birthright.

As the rivers wend their ways to the ocean, with their support, we too found our own paths through and with our more-than-human world.

At Camp you choose one path to follow, and we come together to weave the story through ritual throughout camp. Which path would you have chosen?


Waters of the World Path
with Susan Moonroot, Shira, and Elinor Prędota

Come dance with the Waters of the World in all their manifestations: enter into and understand your relationship with water.

In this path, we will connect with and come to understand more deeply how water flows in our lives both as a magical element and a practical reality: how it affects us, and how we affect it.
We will work with the water cycle in its many forms, experiencing the different aspects of water in a hands on way, from rain to spring to stream to the sea and back again.
We will touch water, sing to it, pour it, and let it move both our bodies and our souls.

This path is suitable for all ages, and all levels of magical experience and skill. Some of our time will be spent outdoors, so please bring appropriate clothing and supplies.


The Wild Mystic Path
with Cypress Fey and Raven Wolfsister

Deep in our bones we know we are connected to the Earth.
Deep in our intuitive souls we know the Earth can hear us.
Deep in our history, our ancestors honoured the Spirits of the Land

High above the stars circle
High above the winds blow
High above the birds call greeting to the dawn.

Here in the middle we stand at the crossroads
Here in the middle we can dare intimacy with something greater
Here in the middle we can stop and touch the earth.

Earth Mystics seek the language spoken by birds, trees, and soil.
Earth Mystics embrace the values of intuition, stillness, and observation.
Earth Mystics run with the spirits, knowing that the land is alive, accessible, and conscious.

The Wild Mystic Path will focus on the learning the language of birds, and recognition of the life that surround us.
We will learn the skill of crafting our energy ‘profile’, so we are no longer outsiders, but are an integral part of the whole.
We will open our eyes and hearts to the wild and mysterious all around us, honoring them as companions and powerful allies.
Through the workings of this path we will hone our inherent skills and deepen our knowledge and connection with the natural world.
We will sing, journey, hold silence, and experience the joy and wonder of knowing we are not alone.

This path is open to adults who have a previous grounding in the tradition of Reclaiming.

It is an all weather path. We suggest you bring comfy shoes, raincoat, sunblock and hat as well as a journal and water bottle.

Persons interested in this path should be prepared for moderate activity.

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