Past Camp – Dragonhearted 2011

Dragon Rise 2011 is an intensive four day experience, running from Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th August, 2011 in the UK.

Together we will learn magic, weave stories and grow. In 2009 we began a new adventure, a family friendly Witchcamp in Britain, originally called Sunrise. We would love for you to join us this year as we spread our wings again. Our goal is to be eco-friendly and as affordable as possible, while facilitating a magical experience for all who join us.

A Reclaiming Witchcamp is an intensive period of time working together with like-minded individuals within the context of a story. You choose which path you would like to take throughout our time together and each morning join teachers who will guide your learning. Each evening we come together in ritual based on the story of the week.

Camp Story 2011

Over the last months, weeks and days the dragons have once more been whispering in our ears to bring this story with us to camp. We would like to offer you a taste, a teaser, a glimpse of the magic we will be weaving and dancing with at DragonRise camp this year…


by Suus

In the beginning, in a time before time, the Universe was full of blackness and stars, and was inhabited by beautiful dragons of many colours. Tiring of their endless dance and play amongst the stars, they drifted to places in the blackness where they felt most called.

One dragon, who some called Earth and some called Gaia, found a place in the Universe which made her heart sing, with a stunning milky way and a warming star close by. Using her magic she created a nest around her, a globe in colours that matched her blue-green skin. She named this globe “Earth”, and began to lay eggs.

Many kinds of astonishing creatures hatched from her eggs and she loved them all equally. Eventually her children had children, and their children had children until the globe – the Earth – was populated with all the wonderful creatures that we know today; the Dragon was happy and content in the burning centre of her nest.

Sadly, some of her children – called humans – became arrogant, believing that they were somehow special, and they began to neglect their mother, and forget that they had all come from the same source.  Generation of humans followed generation, and with each generation more was forgotten until, one day, no human remembered the Mother-Dragon curled at the centre of the Earth, and no human remembered that they were, as her children, also dragons.

The Mother-Dragon was devastated.  She cried, and torrential rain fell, causing flooding.  She became angry, and blew her fire in the air, causing volcanic eruptions. She was filled with rage, and her whole body shook, causing earthquakes. Nothing attracted the attention of her human children; they had become disconnected from their mother and had forgotten all about her.

Sad, the Mother-Dragon did not give up: she began to whisper in the dreams of children. Those children grew up to be dreamers, singers, poets and story tellers, artists and mystics, fey and wild, strange and geeky. They carried the stories of dragons with them in their hearts, and brought those stories forth into the world once more, and began to find others like them. People shared their visions of how the earth could be a better place, and those people, finding each other across miles and oceans and continents, began to gather in magical places, where they could hear their Mother-Dragon most clearly, to step forth on a magical journey…

Here is the history of the dragonhearted ones… at Dragon Rise, this summer, our story will unfold!

Story text – © 2011 Suus Obdier – Please respect the author’s right to be recognised as the author of this work. Contact us for permission if you wish to share this story elsewhere.

Camp Paths 2011

The Dragonrise team are proud to announce the two paths on offer for Dragonrise 2011!

Courting the Wild Dragon with Raven and Margit – adults only, open to all levels of ability!


Excavate your Dragon Treasures with Suus and Halo – open to campers of all ages, abilities and experience levels.

Both paths will be primarily in English, with German translation available. The path with Suus and Halo will also have Dutch if needed.

Read on for the path descriptions…


Courting the Wild Dragon
with Raven and Margit

Stop whatever you are doing – become silent – just for a moment and listen: Listen to the voices that call you from deep within yourself, and the voices that call to you from the land on which you walk.

  • What do you hear in that silence?
  • What are the whispers deep in your bodies?
  • Do you dare to listen to them?
  • Do you feel the Wild Dragons calling you?

Soon we will gather for Camp on magical land in Wales. Land that is rich and multi-layered with the voices and footprints of ancestors, of fey beings, land-spirits and of DRAGONS.

Wales is the heartland of the Dragon! Where else could be a better place to court the Dragon? Together we will walk that land. We will learn how to turn our ears inward to listen to the voices of the dragons that lie within each of us – those parts of ourselves that we all carry, however hidden, that crave wildness, ecstasy, and deep connections with the land and spirits around us, that voice that we so often do not dare to hear.

Through silence and song, stillness and movement, meditation and play we will court our Inner Dragons that they might help us better listen to the Dragons loose in the world around us, and help us to in turn court those Outer Dragons and to listen what service and work in the world they might call us to do.

We will allow the Dragons to guide us to move beyond the talking, thinking parts of our minds into the space where we are deeply and fully connected to ourselves and the land about us, and can experience all the Dragons with all our senses.  We will listen, court and embrace the Dragons and so learn skills from them to take back out into the world with us to use in our every day lives.

Come join us and dare to follow the Dragons’ calling!

For this path you will need a journal and writing materials, art materials to share if you desire, comfortable shoes to walk in, something to sit on and a waterproof coat (or similar), since we hope to spend some time outside each day.  This path is open to all adults, and we will adapt willingly and easily to any mobility issues in the group.


Excavate your Dragon Treasures
with Suus and Halo

In the bones of the earth, and the bones of ourselves, are riches beyond imagining! Crystals of courage and magical minerals. Streams of strength and wishful whispers. Love made of lava and volcanoes of voraciousness!

In this path we will go on a quest, a quest to the greatest treasure of all, our inner dragon! Like the dragon, we seek the treasures of life, embrace our strength and we clear away the muck which has hidden our shine! AND we reconnect to the Mother-Dragon also known as Earth.

What do you shine into the world? What is in your body? What is in your dragon-brave heart? Each day we will dive a little deeper into ourselves to reach that brilliant core.

Join us. Clear away the dirt and the veils that obscure your brilliance, the amazing treasures you hold within yourself; bring them into the light of the world! Be dragon-brave and search out the treasures of your own heart, as brilliant and brightly shining as the gifts of the Earth.

We will fearlessly explore our own heights, our depths, our potential, through creativity, energy and body work, meditation, crystal work and play, and supporting each other… and we’ll learn new ways of exploring ourselves and bringing our treasures out into the world.

We each have gifts that only we can share with the world. We all are her children gifted with brilliance, are you ready to shine brightly?

Find your strengths, your light, spread your wings and fly. Mother Dragon can hardly wait to welcome you to her nest!

This path welcomes all adults and kids.
For this path you will need comfortable clothes because there will be some body work (nothing too heavy, physical limitations can be taken into account), art supplies to share if you like, a journal, a cup, and your favourite crystals if you have them (they may be rough or polished).

Camp Teaching Team 2011

Dragon Rise Camp are delighted to announce our teaching team for 2011: Raven Edgewalker, Suus, Halo and Margit!

Raven Edgewalker
Raven Edgewalker is a British Witch who currently lives in the magical landscape of Somerset, close to Glastonbury with her large and devoted hound. She has an on-going and passionate love affair with trees, ecology and the natural world, and the magic of building connections. The Celtic Tree Ogham is her favored divination tool, and she has spent many years listening to its trees, studying it and working with it, and telling the stories the trees whisper in her ears and tangle in her hair.

She has been working, studying and teaching in the Reclaiming tradition for over ten years and is an initiate in both the Reclaiming and Anderson Feri traditions. One of her passions is to travel and she is delighted to be able to combine this with another – her passion for teaching, so she is delighted to have been able to have taught courses, workshops, classes as well as Reclaiming Witchcamps in the UK, Germany, US, Finland and Israel, as well as online classes from wherever she happens to have traveled to with her laptop, and plans and hopes to make many further trips as well as offering teaching closer to home. She is thrilled beyond belief to be teaching at her home camp – DragonRise for a second year.

When not gallivanting round the world teaching, Raven is a self-employed artist and crafts-person – she is often to be found in the workshop, covered in sawdust and twigs while making ogham staves, runes, wands and other such delights, in the studio with wire and stones and beads creating jewelry or hunched over her sewing machine. She is a sometime professional ogham reader, writer and poet and general jack-of-all-trades as the need takes her.

Suus is a Dutch witch who has been fascinated with magic her entire life. As a child she thought life was filled with mysteries, and guess what, it is!

She has studied magic for over a decade now, has trained with people in various traditions, varying from Gardnerian to Reclaiming. Suus now calls herself a Feri practitioner and Morningstar student in which she currently holds the White and the Blue Cord. Besides that Suus has studied psychology and is a Reiki master. She loves working with the energies that are all around and in us and loves to sing!

To her leading a magical life means that every thing we do carries magic in it and she tries to be as aware of that as she can. Suus finds life in all its wonderful shapes and forms is sacred. Aside of teaching others, Suus remains a student because she believes that we are never done with learning. She loves to deepen her knowledge of the mysteries and her connection with the Gods to whom Suus is eternally grateful for this wonderful life.

Suus lives in a suburb in the east of The Netherlands with her husband, daughter, dog and cats and has made it a goal in life to incorporate magic in everything she does.

Fascinated by the Fey and dreaming of delight, I am an artist, philosopher and Witch. I find myself enchanted by the world and committed to filling it with beauty and joy wherever possible. To this end I turn my gaze towards magic, question whatever I find, and I invite you to join me in weaving a witchy web of wonder!

In my daily life I make and study art, and breathing in the beauty of the green land of Wales, I continue to transform my life into an act of enchantment through beauty, wonder, and pixie kisses.

I am very excited to be student teaching at Dragonrise in 2011, and look forward to seeing you there!

Margit has found her home at the end of the world, where she cuddles her cats and digs her fingers deep into the dirt to bring forth delicious magic from it.

Her magic is chthonic. She listens to the grinding of tectonic plates and the swirling lava in the iron core of our Earth. She seeks the Divine in everything; pebbles, rivers, birds in the sky, in the glittering dew of the early hours, in the eyes of the people she meets and also in those people that thoroughly annoy her. For each breath connects us physically with the world we live in.

For almost 10 years Reclaiming has been her spiritual home. Margit has helped birth Witchcamps in the Netherlands as well as her native Germany and was part of the teaching team at Phoenixcamp in 2008. She has been teaching Reclaiming workshops since 2004. Occasionally she can be found at the Reclaiming Pub Moot in Frankfurt/Darmstadt, which she would love to visit far more often than she actually manages to.

Margit’s passion as a fiber-artist are heirloom techniques such as knippling, using the hand-spindle, nålebinding and knitting. She is able to cook delicious meals on open fire and knows how to survive comfortably in 600 AD, a time to which her living-history-endeavors take her.

She is honoured to be invited for the teaching team of Dragonrise Camp and is very excited to come to Wales this summer and share magic with all of those who hear the call of the Dragonrise Camp.

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