A Week Ago Today…(how’s re-entry, DragonRisers?)


It’s astonishing to think that exactly one week ago, the DragonRise 2019 community was packing up, catching cabs, and preparing for our Closing Ritual.  The gratitude and love that washes over me right now, in thinking about the campers, the teaching team (amazing ones!) – and particularly our grounded, good, game and giving Orga and Jade Herself – is quite overwhelming. And joyful. Here’s a photo of our fabulous, resourceful, and utterly supportive Orga team, including the stalwarts of 2019 (Dave and JD) and the graceful, energetically attuned, ever-ready Peti and Bluekin:


Damn, you’re all so pretty. And so smart and magickal.  Thanks.

RE-ENTRY: How was your week, folks?

Personal check-in: Had the delight of hanging with Dear Friends in Somerset after a glorious chat with Woody Fox who graciously took me to Dear Friends in Somerset. Discovered I had left a bag filled with shoes and toiletries at Wildways. Dave the WonderDrake sent them overnight, bless him. Flight back to Schiphol, train to Schiedam, Uber to home. Up until 5am doing All the Things, and wired from magic. After an incredibly productive day of Necessary Errands, back to the office – a different energy, for sure. It’s time for me to magically summon the power and joy and pride I feel in our community, in my more mundane activities (like going to an office!). I’ve needed a lot of sleep, and have finally gotten my full practice back…and I am still so excited about Camp.

We’re wondering how to keep that excitement going?

More Core Reclaiming Classes/Weekends?

Skills-building courses for Ritual?

How has your week been? Check-in, wonderful ones.




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