A decade of DragonRise remembered: Peti Songcatcher


After I had attended several International Reclaiming Witchcamps over the years in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, USA, Canada and Australia, in 2015 I felt drawn for the first time to DragonRise Witchcamp in the UK, a family-friendly camp.
Catching the (steam!) train from Kidderminster to Highley was a really great experience; we’ve got to view some very beautiful scenery. Then it got even better: “Wildways on the Borle”, where the camp happens, is a truly magical place. I immediately made new friends in the community, some of them forever 🙂
That year we journeyed with the sister-rivers, Severn, Wye and Rheidol, and their father, the mountain Plynlimon. I was fascinated, HOW we worked with the forces and spirits of the land, and I easily dove deeper into the magic of the venue and the camp.
In 2017 we walked with the story of the ancient Goddess “Cailleach”; she opened up unknown worlds for us. And now I’m looking forward to my third DragonRise Witchcamp – to work with the story: “The Untamed Heart”, to meet known lovely faces and to enjoy new encounters of the heart. Let the magic play!
I LOVE our rituals, the inspiring community, the land, the stories and – of course, as a Songcatcher – especially the songs, written for the rituals. Those songs I’ve recorded during our rehearsals and share them for free on my website. You are welcome to listen to the songs and to enjoy some pictures of the camp.
Magical moments to remember:
Dragonrise Reclaiming Witchcamp 2017: www.songcatcher.eu/?VB7lS
Dragonrise Reclaiming Witchcamp 2015: www.songcatcher.eu/?Q8y6w
Peti Songcatcher aka Petra Maria Dannemann
International ritual music & chants :: CDs :: Live-Auftritte mit Songcatcher & friends

http://www.schoepferin.eu/ (deutsch) :: http://songcatcher.eu (english)

Peti Songcatcher & friends auf YouTube:

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