Exciting News, DragonRisers!


There’s exciting news in the magickal world of DragonRise……

(But first of all, have you registered for camp? Join us!  Camp runs 7-11 August 2019. 

Camp fees are just £280 to £450 per camper…please not that the cost to Dragonrise per camper is around £300 so anything above that amount is greatly helpful to camp! 

Camp Fees – self-declared sliding scale.

£280 to £450 per camper. A non-refundable deposit of £50 per person (or £100 for a family of three or more) must accompany this registration form, in the form of a PayPal payment, bank transfer or cheque, in order to secure your booking. Full Registration Information available on our online information and registration form.    And if  you have any questions about our upcoming camp, please contact us at dragonrisecamp@yahoo.co.uk.)

OK, so here’s the exciting news: 


It started out as news that was sad for us, but glad for our gorgeous Rosemary Greenwood: Rosemary decided to devote all of her energies to Extinction Rebellion.

What is more Reclaiming than that, really?

It almost immediately turned into news that was glad for the teaching team – our great Resource Teacher, Loupgarou, is now a full-fledged member of the DragonRise Teaching Team for 2019.

Lou is a mighty drummer, a major dramaturge, and a force of nature when it comes to organising and facilitating pagan events, and we are mighty pleased they joined the team!

We hope you’ll be joining DragonRise – we’ve got chants and music and ritual tech and delicious paths and all sorts of wonderful and cunning reasons to get together in gorgeous sacred space.



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