A decade of DragonRise Remembered: Irisanya Moon

Irisanya Moon Dragonrise 2019 pic“I remember the first time I stepped on the land of DragonRise in 2017 as a teacher, having never been to the place: it was like coming into a dream and a memory.

“Each fold of the land felt like a welcoming into magick, into community, and into deep relationship with the earth. From the dining hall to the yurts, passing the stone dragon, I still remember the damp ground and the tall grasses, the stone circle, and the magick makers who know each other as family.

“From the songs of  our bardic circle to the laughter at the auction, Dragonrise reminded me of the beauty of magick that comes from authentic, willing hearts. I celebrate this community and am blessed by the work that it invites into each circle.”


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