A decade of Dragonrise, remembered: Suus

suus blog“I was fortunate enough to teach at Dragonrise twice. And at two different locations! I will never forget

the beauty of the landscape in Wales near Mount Snowdon nor the serenity in Shropshire.

“Besides these magnificent camp sites I am still completely smitten with the lovely community that Dragonrise is, I felt and still feel a part of this community. Because of family scheduling  that leaves me with hardly any vacation days I haven’t had the pleasure of joining camp in way too long.

It is something I deeply miss, because a week at Dragonrise feels like stepping into this zone where connection is a keyword. Connecting with yourself, the other campers, the land and all the Beings on it…It’s pure magic! Special bounds are forged at Dragonrise. I would highly recommend this to anyone!I am sure you’ll never regret going there! Wish I was coming for 2019!

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