A Decade of DragonRise: What’s YOUR Experience?

DSC_0088It seems almost unbelievable that with our upcoming 2019 DragonRise Camp, we – a collective ‘we’ that includes many organisers, cooks, and teaching teams over time, as well as fabulous campers from all over Europe, the UK, AU and US – will be marking a decade of DragonRise.

I remember distinctly the first DragonRise – then called ‘SunRise’ – in beautiful Wales…I think at a permaculture facility now called Lammas. It was the camp at which one of my primary magickal teachers (and a dear friend and comrade in witchiness) told me I was ready to be a Full Teacher (despite my fears and many wobbly places). It was my first time actually camping at camp (again, thanks to Dear Friend’s largesse in providing a tent and expertise in pitching it), my first time being received at a train station by someone wearing a tall peaked hat (Peter, who with his partner Katie cooked exquisitely); my first time hearing someone sing, gloriously, in Welsh.

DO YOU HAVE MEMORIES OF DRAGONRISE? A short paragraph IN ENGLISH, GERMAN, DUTCH, WELSH, NORWEGIAN? SOMETHING WE COULD SHARE ON FACEBOOK? If so please send a few sentences to lesa.sawahata@gmail.com!

By the way, all the photos here are from DragonRise 2011. It was held in Snowdonia, Wales, at Cae Mabon, before the orga team found Wildways.


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