Announcing our Path Descriptions!

We’re pleased to present path descriptions for DragonRise 2019!

The Untamed Heart

Have you ever been an outsider? Have you ever wanted to be truly wild?

In a dream, a dark-blue-skinned woman appears, fierce, cunning, and wise. She whispers, “There is a place beyond this village, beyond the known…This place you might call the wild. It is both inside and outside of you.”


blue woman

Sometimes to face our fears we need to find allies. They may be allies who are blood ancestors of ours, or cultural ancestors; they may be spirit or animal companions, familiars or maybe other witches. Whoever this Being or these Beings are, how will we call them to us? What offerings might we make? How do we forge a bond with Mystery?

Join us in exploring  different magical ways to meet our allies – as well as The Ally of Dragonrise 2019- as they are accessed and expressed through our bodies, our rhythms, our creations and our deep knowing.

We will build relationships with these Beings as well as those in our immediate magickal ecology: the spirits of the land upon which Wildways stands. Evenings, we will meet the fierce and cunning Ones – The Allies who both test us and encourage us, liberating our deepest power and magix.


Paths for Dragonrise 2019:


with Irisanya & Loupgarou

(All ages path)


Tales of Dragons have been told in all cultures at all times. They represent enormous power, wildness and Mystery. In our own era, dowsers of earth energies see Dragons as symbols of the serpentine energy currents flowing through the Earth.

The dragon’s lifeforce, their power resonates in these times. But too often, we have been taught to fear them, to fear the things that are wild and untamed.

But perhaps we need to question what we have been taught to fear. Perhaps we need to seek out relationships to connect back to the lifeforce of the land.

In this path, we will explore the sacredness of relationship building: with the dragon(s) and with ourselves. We will come together to move our bodies, sing our hearts, and shape-shift from fear to fierceness. Also, we will work to cultivate resilience and strength in the face of all that seeks to unsteady us — or to keep us in our place.

If you join this path, you will have the opportunity to open up to the healing and creative force that is wild Dragon energy.

Will you join your thread of life with theirs?



 with Fortuna & Woody

(Adult Path)


What are you running from? What are you running to? 

So often it is the same place. So often, the source of our terrors and our desires is the same. And that is where we can search for empowerment in moving from fear and resistance to wild, heart-felt courage; to loving our whole selves, whatever that encompasses…from the ugly to the glorious, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Are you willing to look deeply into the hidden pools presided over by the terrifying, stealthy green-skinned hag known as Jenny Greenteeth?

Join us as we explore our free, wild, creative and courageous nature. We will trance and dance, shape shift, scry into the living waters and ask for their message, sing and play and use divination to find our allies – and we invite you to ask yourself “where is my wild courage? Where does my fear turn to power?”



Early Bird prices for DragonRise Witch Camp remain in place up until 28 February 2019.

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