So… what’s a Reclaiming Witchcamp like then?

Written by Sylvia


So, what’s a Reclaiming Witchcamp like, then?

Well, you don’t need to be a witch to come, though you may be by the time you leave. And it’s not all camping, there are dorm and other indoor spaces too if you’d prefer. But what it really isn’t, (if that’s what you’re imagining), is hanging out in a field doing not much.

Witchcamps in the Reclaiming tradition are fabulous, intensive, focussed experiences, planned and guided by an experienced teaching team. After breakfast, the day starts with a choice of two paths, each a three hour mixture of ritual, trance, exercises, creativity, time in nature, sharing, having fun, and whatever else your teachers will have dreamed up for you. One path is designed to work for both children and adults, and for both less and more experienced participants. The other tends to require a reasonable familiarity with circle-casting and other such ritual practice, to save time having to be spent covering this ground, and therefore tends to suit those with more established spiritual practice who are ready to go deeper into magical and inner work.

Afternoons are less structured, but include one hour a day of affinity groups, where you meet in the same small group every day, to process what’s been going on for you, support each other and share ideas.  Otherwise the afternoons are free, but get quickly filled up with optional offerings from other participants (previous topics have included tarot, yoga, astrology, the history of Reclaiming, Buffy, Elvis is God and other such delights). Then, time to explore the beautiful surroundings, a silent hour for personal practice and maybe homework from the morning’s path, preparations for the evening ritual, and just hanging out over cups of tea.

Dinner is early, to leave time for a very full on ritual each evening. Witchcampers are encouraged to participate in the creating of sacred space, casting and invoking, either by themselves or in affinity groups. Each camp’s rituals follows its own story arc, taking a tale from myth or legend and using ritual drama, perhaps some aspecting, trance, drumming and chanting to incorporate the lessons of myth and magic into our own lives. Again, the rituals are created so that children as well as adults can engage at whatever level works for them.  And after ritual: pudding.  A necessary grounding and replenishment after the evening’s work.

And more? A raffle and auction of wonderful witchy things. Maybe a Bardic circle/talent night. Great food, most special diets catered for. Endless tea and coffee. A small amount of chores like washing up, allocated via affinity groups (also grounding). Nice spaces to hang out, chat, network, catch up with old friends and make new ones. Lovely helpful teachers so you can ask all those questions that you’ve always wondered about but never found the right person to ask. Experienced organisers to keep an eye on everything, and deal with any problems (well, as best as we can).

Sounds good to you? Come and join us.


Have you been to camp? Would you like to share your experience? Comment below to share so the new campers understand why we’re all so in love with Witchcamps, and why we say “Witchcamp will change your life!”

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