Announcing Paths for 2017!

During camp campers choose one “path” to follow, a course of classes that build on from one another each day, giving the opportunity to deepen your skills and really get stuck into the magical work of Camp. This summer we have two fantastic paths to choose from!

(One path – The Rhythm of Creation – is suitable for families/accompanied children. If you are a parent/guardian bringing a child, please bear in mind that we do not have facilities for children to attend path on their own or to be left unattended.)

The Rhythm of Creation: An all-ages path with Sue Blackfeather and Fortuna

Rhythm is the essence of all life.
Rhythm is primal, ecstatic, embodied, reflective, deep and intuitive.  It takes us to a place beyond the heaviness of own fatigue, distractions and worry. Our heartbeat is the rhythm that connects us  to the natural world.  From the moment we take our first breath to the moment of our last, our beating heart is the constant companion throughout our lives. It calls to us to remember that deep within there is rhythm, a rhythm that is uniquely ours.
And we call to you: Will you join us? Together we will delve into the depth of the bubbling spring where the profound rhythms lie – where the waters of renewal and the light of transformation, hope and healing burst through solid rock.
Join us as we explore the rhythms of life and creation through divination, song, dance, trance, play and magic –  where we invite you to ask yourself, “What does my rhythm sound like?”

Our Cycle of Creation: Walking with the Cailleach – with Elinor & Irisanya


We are creators. With each step, with each movement, we make the world around us. We drop rocks and boulders and shape the places where we are (and are going). And in this daily process, we can become tired and aching and old.


There are times when we rest, when we rest deeply, or maybe we need to rest deeply, but don’t…. In deep stillness we can collect ourselves, turn inward to find what seemed lost, and take up the promise of renewal.


Can we be quiet enough to hear the whisper on the wind?

Can we be brave enough to follow that voice that says ‘come here, come here’?

Can we come together to create a new story that leaves flowers in our wake?


In this path, we’ll discover and uncover the ways in which we are creative forces of nature. We’ll explore the cycle of creation from where we begin, through rest and reflection, into the place(s) of renewal and inspiration.


Through trance, writing, gentle movement, and listening to the wind and one another, we will walk with the Cailleach, creating as we go.

We are creators, like so many before us, and this is the story of our creation.

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