Camp Story Announced!

Come awaken to the living stories that are within and all around us, just waiting to be heard!
In the company of Brigid and Lugh, come catch and share the stories that ignite the sacred spark of inspiration and self-knowledge.
Once upon a time, there is, was and shall be a place of magic, of beauty, of song and story and learning and laughter…Can you see it, in your mind’s eye? Will you come and make it real?
Two dragons guard the gates; an open fire crackling in the hearth; the dark evening enfolding the gathering in its arms; the candlelight flickering on the walls. A hush falls as all eyes turn to Lugh and Brigid, who sit quietly, waiting…What Tales will they tell? And what stories do you hold, can you hear, deep inside? Each and everyone of us carry stories within us, whether or not we are aware of them yet. For of us some they are buried deep in the silence within us and have not yet been given voice, for others they are bubbling, rising to the surface clamouring to be heard. For each of us they are true, and beautiful and amazing.
Once upon a time…are there any words more magical? Children know the magic of stories, it’s in their blood. Each of us, young or old, has heard countless stories. We soak them in, whether we know it or not — gifts from our ancestors.  These stories live in our bones, they make us strong. Each of us is a living history. Each of us holds pieces of the great Tale that weaves the Multiverse together. It is so very important that we listen, hear, and speak our truths.
Stories of blood and bone, stories of heart and hearth and home…We are the story catchers, we are the world-weavers, each and every one of us. The stories we tell, as well as the stories that are left untold, make the world what it is. When we catch a story, when we listen, when we share, we know the spark of divine inspiration: we can touch and feel the world of endless possibility around us.
When we change the stories, we change the world. When we change our own stories, we transform ourselves – and for that we need the inspiration and strength of the Divine.
Will you join us in creating the third Dragonrise camp,  and create the stories that our descendants will tell, that will ripple onwards and outwards into what is yet to come? We invite you to journey with us to the magical realm of “once upon a time,” the realm where anything is possible.
We will never, never lose our way to the Well of Her memory…We will walk with and be guided by the ancient and deeply beloved goddess Brigid, the great Poetess, She of Hearth and Forge and Sacred Well, goddess of inspiration and craft and healing. We will walk with the great god of many skills, Lugh, called Samildánach, “master of all arts,” who will help us learn the courage to craft our own arts, to know and share our many shining gifts. We will remember the magic of stories, a magic we all know as children, and which our children have not forgotten.

Every word is magic, each story holds truth. We will awaken as beings of living stories, as storytellers who weave our world with each word, and as listeners who take the time to hear the wonderful richness, wild power and fierce beauty of all of the many tales that surround us — spoken by every person, sung by every bird, whispered through every tree, every stone and cloud and stream and moment of moonlight.  Listen…you can hear them, if you try. You are one of the people of the ancient tales, of legend and fairytale and song. Come together, and remember.

Make magic of the Tale! Enchant and heal the worlds!
Two magical paths: One for Adults, one for All Ages! Details coming soon…

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